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Argo 4000 (4 cum)

Self Loading

The loading shovel is operated through Hydraulic cylinders with bucket capacity of 280 ltrs . The machine has a single joystick control for loading and unloading bucket operation.

Swivelable Operator Post

The Operator post can swivel 180° for complete visibility while driving and also the Operator can face the loading side during weigh batching and discharging operation.


The machine is designed to handle a max. gradeability upto 24° which makes the machine to work even at toughest terrain.

Ergonomic Controls

The Electro Hydraulic switches for travel, Levers for change Gears, Drum rotation, Loading arm lift & Joystick are conveniently located for ease of operation.

Tight Turning Radius

The unique steering options give the smallest turning radius of 4mtrs, enabling the machine to operate in narrow spaces.

Electronic Weigh Batching

The machine has "On the fly" microprocessor based, high accuracy electronic weigh batching system. Upto 8 different aggregates can be weighed & batched in addition or subtraction mode.

Water Unit

On board water system with electronic meter for high accuracy & controlled intake of water is provided. An onboard water tank of 400 ltrs capacity with self priming pump of 230 lpm to draw water from an external source to the water tank or directly to the mixer drum is also provided.

Ease of Maintenance

The bonnet opens to its full width allowing absolute ease of maintenance when required.


Fully powered hydraulic (orbitrol type) steering with 3 way steering system namely 2 Wheel steering, 3 Wheel steering and Crab steering for maneuvering in narrow spaces.

Argo 2500 (2.5 cum)

Hitesh Construction – one of India's fastest growing concrete solutions provider has now formed a joint venture company Hitesh Construction with Raigarh(Chhattisgarh) that invented and developed Carmix.

Salient Features
  • Capacity : 2.5 cum / per batch
  • Concrete Output @ 75 to 80% of the rated capacity
  • Operation is user-firendly
  • Compact & economic
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • 4 Wheel drive and 4 wheel steer
  • Electronic weighing system with printer
  • Efficient and reliable after-sale service
  • Ideal solution, whenever & wherever small quantity of concrete is required

Argo slcm Calliberation weight batch printer